Short Term Health Insurance for Florida Residents


Looking for short term or temporary health insurance for yourself or your family? Live in Florida?

Short Term Medical Insurance – Celtic Care

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From 30 days up to 6 or 12 months of Short Term Medical Insurance Affordable Health Insurance with $2,000,000 Lifetime Maximum Per Insured Person
Important Protection:

Just because you don’t have health insurance right now doesn’t mean you won’t have health problems.

The Secure Med STM allows you and your family to purchase high quality, affordable major medical coverage on an intermediate basis. The covered benefits include expenses for doctors services, surgery, out-patient, in-hospital care and prescription drugs.
Secure Med STM is offered to CFA members (by enrolling in this plan, you automatically become a member of the Communicating for America Association), their spouses and their dependent children under age 19 (or under age 25 if a full-time student) who have a social security number and can answer ‘no’ to the health questions on the application. Children age 19 and over should apply separately. Child-only coverage is available for ages 2 through 18.
ABC of Health Insurance for Florida Residents
  • $2,000,000 Lifetime Maximum Per Insured person
  • Freedom to choose any doctor or hospital
  • Choice of $250, $500, $1,000, and $2,500 deductibles
  • Select to pay monthly or single payment
  • Accept payment by: check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or automatic monthly bank draft
  • Child only coverage
Perfect for...
  • People between jobs
  • New Employee Waiting Periods
  • Part-Time / Temporary Employees
  • Dependent Child Coverage
  • College Students / New Graduates
Next Day Coverage Available!
The insurance can be effective as early as 12:01 a.m. the next day after the transmission date. However, the applicant can choose a later effective date not to exceed 60 days from transmission date. Coverage ends on termination date listed in your policy.
Insured By:

Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York Rated A (Excellent) for financial condition by A.M. Best Company, as of 06/04. A.M. Best ratings range from A++ to

Administered By:
Health Plan Administrators, Inc. Get a Quote or to Apply for Secure Care Click Here Contact Delray Health Insurance via E-mail or phone (561) 376.5673